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Architectural Guidelines

Governing Rules/Guidance
Within the Kings Point Community Association, there are seven Sections. Each section has Protective Covenants that govern what may and may not be constructed on lots within the Section including architectural restrictions. In addition, in an effort to provide consistent rules that are perhaps more clear and understandable, the Kings Point Community Association has adopted Architectural Control Guidelines that apply to all Sections within the Association.
Residents wanting to make a change to their property, whether it is a large project (e.g., the addition of a room, arbor or pool) or something relatively simple (e.g., a color change to a home) need to comply both with the Protective Covenants for their Section as well as the Architectural Control Guidelines for the Association. To the extent there may be a conflict between the Protective Covenants and the Architectural Control Guidelines, the Protective Covenants will control.
What Steps Do I Follow to Obtain Architectural Approval?
Familiarize yourself with the Protective Covenants for your Section as well as the Architectural Control Guidelines. To find your Section, this map provides the Section numbers for the different areas within the Kings Point Community Association. After you know your Section number, within the Governing Documents tab, click on Protective Covenants and download the correct one for your Section. Click here for the Architectural Control Guidelines.
After you have determined that your project complies with the Protective Covenants and Architectural Control Guidelines, you will need to do the following:
1. Complete the Kings Point Community Association Architectural Review Application. An MS Word and pdf version of the blank form is available within the Forms tab.

2. Provide a brief, written description of the project including colors, materials to be used, etc.

3. If you are requesting approval for a physical change on your property (e.g., arbors, pools, room additions, etc.), make a copy of your plat (which is probably with your house closing documents) and pencil the change ? then show measurements to the back and sides of your property boundaries. Note that generally, changes must be at least 7 feet from a side fence and 8 feet from a back fence and permanent changes may not encroach into easements.

4. Provide a drawing of what the change is expected to look like. A rough sketch (by the builder or homeowner) is usually acceptable. Note that for structures, the association is interested in measurements - width, length and height. Height is measured from the ground to the highest point and generally cannot exceed 12 feet.
Submit the Architectural Review Application with the other descriptive information to the Sterling Association Services office at the following address or via email at 
Sterling Association Services, Inc.
1521 Green Oaks Place, Suite 196
Kingwood, Texas 77339

The application will be reviewed to confirm that the project does, in fact, comply with the relevant Protective Covenants and the Architectural Control Guidelines. If questions arise, additional facts, drawings or other representations may be required. After review and approval, written notice of approval will be provided to proceed with the project.
Sterling Association Services and the Board of the Association will try to respond quickly to all requests. However, the Association is allowed 30 days to respond so please factor time for approval into your planning process and DO NOT START THE PROJECT PRIOR TO RECEIPT OF APPROVAL.