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Garbage Services


**Important information regarding recent events**
**Important information regarding recent events**
Your Community Association pays for garbage collection for all homes with your Association dues. This includes a fee for back-door pickup. We have this service so that our community does not have garbage cans on or near the street on trash collection days. Consequently, it is important that you leave your garbage at the top of your driveway (but visible for pickup) and then promptly put your empty cans out of sight after garbage has been picked up.
Universal recycling is also included in our service. Recycling bins are to be placed at curbside on recycling days. Please ensure these empty bins are promptly put out of sight after recycling material has been picked up.
The following are key points to keep in mind regarding our garbage and recycling service:
  • Garbage pick-up days are Tuesday and Fridays.
  • Recycling pick-up is on Thursdays.
  • Waste Management (WM) is our vendor.
  • Bundle brush as specified by WM. These bundles can be placed at your back-door or at the curb for pickup on either trash collection day.
  • There is a limit of 12 bags or bundles that will be picked up on each service day.
  • Bulky trash items as described in the WM guidelines may be placed at the curb for pickup on either day.
  • Trash containers should be no larger than 65 gallons so one person can handle the container.
  • To avoid being missed on collection days, place your trash out for pick-up by 7 AM.
  • Make sure that on non-collection days your trash containers are not visible from the street.
  • Single-stream recycling is provided to all homes at no additional charge. This means that recycling material does not have to be segregated.
If you feel you have been missed on collection day, please call WM Customer Service to report your problem. Many times the drivers can be contacted immediately and can return to your home for pickup. Be sure to identify yourself as a Kings Point Community Association resident. WM Customer service can also be contacted regarding any other related issue.
WM customer service number is (800) 800-5804.
Their hours are Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.